Nested Based Manufacturing

Complete machining

All machine types are designed as flat-bed machines with traveling portal and real gantry drive. For complete machining BES is eight or twelve kilowatts a powerful motor spindles with automatic tool change. Tool change systems in pick-up variant 8 – 22 places provide the tools and adapter units. A C-axis for these aggregates is standard. For drilling operations, drilling come with individually controlled spindles used. On request they can be completed with a swiveling 90 degrees saw. The high rapid traverse rate of 85 m/min reduces the unproductive travel time.

BES Multi-Cut Center – flat-bed machine with moving gantry and real gantry drive
Left: linear magazine with sensor for automatic tool length measurement · Right: sensor for auto-table surfacing (spoil board surfacing)
Toolcooling – air or liquid
Automatic height control of the spindle dust extraction hood