Nested Based Manufacturing

Nesting including horicontal drilling in one step

The BES multifunctional flat bed CNC Center does all plate processing common tasks. The included nesting software features a special workflow which allows an unique adapter tool to do horizontal drilling in the nest. This realizes a all in one production concept.

The BES Multi-Cut Center realizes the 4 = 1 concept of cutting, milling and drilling vertical as well as horizontal in 1 CNC Work-Center. The compact machining center replaces four separate machines. It processes all the raw sheet containing work pieces, in one setting on the spoil board in automatic process processing all five sides of the workpiece. Then only the edges to be finished on an edgebander.

Horizontal drilling in the nest
In the normal nesting process, no horizontal holes can be applied, because the neighboring workpiece doesnt allow the space for the horizontal drilling tool. BES solves this problem with its nesting software ›BES CAM‹, where the positions to bore horizontally in the workpiece are spaced away from each other by about 100 mm and thus can mill in pockets where the angle unit can move. To keep the waste low, the software creates as many parts with dowel holes at the same gap. Often, these 100-millimeter gaps do not lead to a higher waste because anyway resulting residual pieces move easily from the plate edge to the center.

The BES Multi-Cut Center replaces the drilling machines completely by drilling all holes for dowels or connectors automatically. An offset within the hole pattern that can arise through the use of traditional vertical and horizontal drilling machine is almost impossible with this new concept. The BES Multi-Cut Center delivers completely finished workpieces that must be provided when required only with edges.

Four machines in one; the BES Multi-Cut Center replaces panelsaws, CNC router, vertical and horizontal drilling machines.
Effortable automization for industry and trade: sizing, milling- and horizontal drilling at a glance.